Kick for Cancer Cup – Interviews

Creating for yourself is a perspective only true to your own, but to do so for the benefit of others, for people less fortunate than yourself makes you responsible for something greater than yourself. Especially in the case of the efforts of Adam, Curtis, Josh, Clic Sargent & the Sheffield United Community being the driving force behind the ‘Kick for Cancer Cup’ event taking place on the 3rd June.

Along with my partner in crime Josh Ward (CineReal) we have the privilege of creating the video(s) for the event as an event/charity example as to the efforts and proceedings of the day in question.

But as it were, this is information all relative to the organisation . Onto the interviews.


Cutting to the chase, gear above. Two camera setup, audio, lighting all that good stuff and a whole lotta cables. Respectfully placed out of way, health & safety fully aware.

All interviews conducted in the Hillsborough College TV Studio.

These interviews involved Fran from Clic Sargent, Adam, Curtis & Josh patients who have suffered with cancer in different forms, with all the same goal to push through and show their strength through endurance. And Keith Ward from Sheffield United Community, doing a great job of helping the event become a reality.

A fair assumption was that the questions involving cancer might cause discomfort, a word that has cursed and belittled its victims. The fact the strength of these guys is far superior than the thought of what they’ve lived through, their determination in the face of a condition thought to be insurmountable to overcome is inspiring.

Purpose is the aim for the event, for the video, and most of all for the supporters, patients, affected family and friends, anyone with a stake in the ensemble that is fighting cancer. The video we are creating will hopefully be a beacon that will show what it looks like to be happy in the face of extreme misery, in the face of a monster with no face. To hopefully emulate the success in moral throughout the country by telling their stories and showing their reactions.


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