“I Will Never Be An Astronaut” – Kid Conventional EP Launch

My good pal Parasol, that is Anthony Smith, invited me along to capture the launch of Kid Conventional’s new EP “I Will Never Be An Astronaut”. The fact that a.) the other bands supporting are now a part of my Spotify favourite opens my music palette open to fresh artists. “Lio” & “Mollyanna”. and b.) The chance to capture their performances was a blast.


Let’s start with the negatives; I always start with the negatives. The one camera setup, hmm, some of you might think, filming a gig RAW as though without cuts, yes. That is a problem, but overcoming them is the challenge. The challenge was a pain, I’ll admit it. There is and was sacrifice. Performances cut from the video, moments ruined by moments un-viewable, having to be disregarded. Never mind.

A thought occurs, and idea spark. The problem I ran into was the choice of lenses for certain songs, the look, the movement was none existent creating a boring static endurance piece which would never keep viewer’s attention. Scarp that. Others I used a 55mm – 250mm Telescopic lens, SOLUTION! ZOOM! Variety; check. BUT, f/4.5 – 5.6 a inconsistent Aperture when zooming screws the lighting, Light > Dark(er). No worries, it looked fine. Without control of the lighting conditions it made it difficult to accept upping the ISO to at least brighten the image in camera, than in-post. Might need to buy a lens with a wider Aperture to assist.

So, the deletion of some songs just had to be. A terrible shame, the audio is AMAZING! The flow unwound, one performer 5 songs, the next 3, then 2, then 7. Throwing pacing off-balence. Simple fact of the matter, symmetry is a welcome format with live events. Each act 3 songs each, choosing the performances with the most variety. Okay, looking great.

With a running time of just under an hour, the video looks great. The RAW take of an event, having to use a single camera and still keep the focus interesting has given the video an edge.

(Link soon)

ALSO, the room was incredibly crowded, small, claustrophobic – the opportunity to film was inviting, not so much were the drunk fellows distracting me. But as it were, that is the nature of that beast.


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