The equilibrium of thought

Taking a moment to talk about the process of beginning my new feature film script (the second one I’ve written, the first being too out of my reach in terms of budge to actually make).

This feature has been on my mind for a while, ideas I’ve jotted down and passed along to do other things. Now is the time to work on it, to evolve it, to make it ‘happen’. As I want to make it myself, it may take a long time, but it will be worth the patience and hard work.

After weeks of notes, concepts, pieces of the puzzle scattered around. I braved Celtx and started to write. A feet I was intimidated to start, and until I did I feared nothing would flow and that I wouldn’t like what I was writing.

The thing is with anything creative or anything you are passionate about you lay the foundation, you write the first word, and you have a basis to work from. That’s what engages me so much in writing. The moment pen touches paper, fingers type away on the keyboard, the process has begun and a world full of possibilities starts to seem attainable.

A rich back & forth between documents, the prep work/notes and the script builds up the narrative and the construct of a story nicely. Using the notes to understand how the film could be paced, how characters could interact and the personality that you can give to them is amazing once undertaken.

I am extremely engaged with this story, I feel as though I now understand the construction of a feature length narrative, what it takes to make something I that would adore.

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