Thoughts on “Blood Father”

by weslar


Blood Father is the simple story of a girl; Lydia (Erin Moriarty) a girl whose fallen into the wrong crowd after running away from home. In a moment of panic, in a situation she’d never find herself in results in Lydia shooting her drug dealer boyfriend instead of someone he wants her to shoot. Out of sheer panic she calls her father, John Link (Mel Gibson) a badass Tattoo Artist, Vietnam Vet who takes his daughter home with him, to protect and reconnect with.

The two from the get-go are hunted down by the vengeful drug dealers connected with Lydia’s ex Jonah (Diego Luna). Without intimidating Link, he shuts his trailer door and they open fire. Link’s friends – or co-trailer park inhabitants show up with a full arsenal to warn off the drug dealers. At the he’d of this posse is Kirby (William H. Macy) Links sponsor, and friend albeit in comically derogative ways of speaking. But they both understand each other.

The following story unfolds, Link and Lydia high-tail it out of California to avoid anymore unfortunate run-ins with the Cartel. From here it slows down and speeds up the pace, and in an unexpected update, John Link is a funny, quip type of guy. Most of his lines, unexpectedly pull in the laughs – a few sniggers here and there – that never feel forced.

The form of Blood Father’s presentation is keeping a tight lid on these two characters. They don’t distract by bringing in too many players into the game, other than its villain and said villains subordinates. A point-to-point chase, reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s ‘Mad Max’.

Overall, I was surprised (Happily surprised) that a film so under-the-radar had its moment to shine, and did. That didn’t take itself too seriously, but didn’t go over-the-top to tip it over the edge.