The FINAL day of shooting Part 1 of 2 – Untitled 15th April 2016

by weslar

Next Tuesday comes the end of the two day shoot. SO many days shooting, not sure if the sarcasm came across.

I wish I could have spent longer, making a longer film, making something else; as a deadline approaches you can’t get overwhelmed by it, especially after two films getting canned. But you can’t over do it either by making something long in length but not worth the time to watch.

Next week is the last day filming with Principle Cast; Ross. It’s more of collecting (filming) the extra pieces of the film puzzle to put together by the edges then working my way to the inside pieces. And then colouring outside the lines afterwords by splicing it up in the edit.

The shoot will consist of a few elements, that aren’t to grand in scale but can be restricted by elements, weather, cars, etc. Noise and more noise is that restriction. I didn’t write too much dialogue, for one it didn’t seem like it worked and for me it didn’t so I didn’t include it. Two, over writing can be boring, if the dialogue isn’t right then it can make a scene or a film wrong in my view. As well as not wanting to write dialogue to explain plot and detail, I’d rather show it.

I’m working with Charlotte Lenihan & Emma Dawson; who will help brings these scenes to life.

The scenes I’m shooting use a variety of techniques to capture them, more from the VLOG on that day will explain it.

Not too much to prepare for in the mean time, looking through storyboards is my first intention so I can have it engraved in my mind, more than relying on drawings, looking back and forth between documentation and scenery.