It happened again, but it’s not my fault – A Daisy is just a flower now is another film discarded, it’s now something else. Let me explain.

by weslar

Okay so yet again another disappointment. Not my fault okay, it’s not. I’m not going to sugarcoat my feelings, I’m annoyed.

Here’s the story. I’m scheduled to film the 6th of April, after weeks of trying to lock down filming dates with my actors. And unfortunately due to unknown reasons (and I understand why someone whose never met someone wouldn’t want to reveal life information) bailing on the film, two days before production.

So that’s the problem.

My other actor has locked in 3 dates to film, none which can be changed, he’s very busy; so I want to accommodate his schedule with mine. So now it’s up to me to get off my ass and write like my life depended on it. And yeah I could re-cast but finding an actress to fit the character again wouldn’t be just a pick someone at random job, and the fact I’d have to give them all the information and expect them to learn everything for the 6th, 19th & 21st wouldn’t be exactly great for them.

But it’s happened to me before, my attitude isn’t to sulk, to stop completely and give up. No, I’m not like that. Fortunately I can make stories out of pretty much anything I want to put to screen.

I won’t share the idea but it’ll just have to be made and shown for the idea to be put across.

Luckily the creative juices are flowing and I’ve managed a first draft, in a few hours of thinking of the idea.

It’s weird how that happens, with all the time in the world it can take you an infinite amount of time to finish a story, script, whatever. In a mess of a situation, I have written one – and, it’s not random, it’s well thought out, dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s. Linking the throw behind it with the visual, the audio, the telling of the little story I’ve created.

I’ll wipe the sweat of my head, relieved that I have something to film.

I’ve collated all the pre-production for A Daisy is just a flower. I’m not sure whether to re-create that for this new film due to the fact that here is all this work that I’ve done and now it’s useless. But until I make it it’s useless. I think to save me the process I will create a storyboard, shot list & re-use elements from A Daisy is just a flower (The Health & Safety etc) because they’re the same locations and timings.

I’ll still be filming the progress of making the film. I want to put each video into little episodes. The video would cover filming on set, thoughts after filming and what I hope to do in the next session of filming.

If I could give advice to any other film maker, that advice would be to never give up, pure and simple.