First day of shooting Part 1 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower (2nd April 2016)

by weslar

The beginning of actual production, not that filming prior to Wednesday wasn’t the start of production. Wednesday will begin the 3/4 day shoot for the film with cast involvement.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Ross and Loredana have interpreted the material, what they have created to make the characters their own.

It’s a fairly easy shoot, an easy set-up and should’t take long to film the main coverage. After filming has wrapped for the dialogue I want to shoot inserts based on their performances, which isn’t pre-planned because it’s all down to little quirks or characteristics the actors have created for the character they’re playing. So I’m looking forward to seeing the characters alive in person, to be able to have them have personality other than how I’ve written or imagined them to have.

I will be recording the process and making it into a VLOG which will be part 2 of this BLOG.

As the film is driven by character performance, the cast have to really live in the shoes of the character. I’m not saying that it all depends on this, the story is contained within a certain parameter. I have a longer version that expands on certain aspects discussed in the garage scene’s; and others but haven’t the time in the schedule to shoot them. But the cut that is planned will rely on a mixture of performance, story, editing & music to convey the emotions.