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Month: April, 2016

The FINAL day of shooting Part 2 of 2 – Untitled 19th April 2016

Last shooting day 2/2 – Untitled Project


I still don’t have a name for the film yet..


The FINAL day of shooting Part 1 of 2 – Untitled 15th April 2016

Next Tuesday comes the end of the two day shoot. SO many days shooting, not sure if the sarcasm came across.

I wish I could have spent longer, making a longer film, making something else; as a deadline approaches you can’t get overwhelmed by it, especially after two films getting canned. But you can’t over do it either by making something long in length but not worth the time to watch.

Next week is the last day filming with Principle Cast; Ross. It’s more of collecting (filming) the extra pieces of the film puzzle to put together by the edges then working my way to the inside pieces. And then colouring outside the lines afterwords by splicing it up in the edit.

The shoot will consist of a few elements, that aren’t to grand in scale but can be restricted by elements, weather, cars, etc. Noise and more noise is that restriction. I didn’t write too much dialogue, for one it didn’t seem like it worked and for me it didn’t so I didn’t include it. Two, over writing can be boring, if the dialogue isn’t right then it can make a scene or a film wrong in my view. As well as not wanting to write dialogue to explain plot and detail, I’d rather show it.

I’m working with Charlotte Lenihan & Emma Dawson; who will help brings these scenes to life.

The scenes I’m shooting use a variety of techniques to capture them, more from the VLOG on that day will explain it.

Not too much to prepare for in the mean time, looking through storyboards is my first intention so I can have it engraved in my mind, more than relying on drawings, looking back and forth between documentation and scenery.

First day of shooting Part 2 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower // A fresh start, start – Untitled Project (Continued from A Daisy is just a flower) 6th April 2016

First day of shooting Part 2 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower // A fresh start, start – Untitled Project (Continued from A Daisy is just a flower)

Continuing from the disappointment of one of the cast dropping out, I move forward with a new project. Without a name but with a script.

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It happened again, but it’s not my fault – A Daisy is just a flower now is another film discarded, it’s now something else. Let me explain.

Okay so yet again another disappointment. Not my fault okay, it’s not. I’m not going to sugarcoat my feelings, I’m annoyed.

Here’s the story. I’m scheduled to film the 6th of April, after weeks of trying to lock down filming dates with my actors. And unfortunately due to unknown reasons (and I understand why someone whose never met someone wouldn’t want to reveal life information) bailing on the film, two days before production.

So that’s the problem.

My other actor has locked in 3 dates to film, none which can be changed, he’s very busy; so I want to accommodate his schedule with mine. So now it’s up to me to get off my ass and write like my life depended on it. And yeah I could re-cast but finding an actress to fit the character again wouldn’t be just a pick someone at random job, and the fact I’d have to give them all the information and expect them to learn everything for the 6th, 19th & 21st wouldn’t be exactly great for them.

But it’s happened to me before, my attitude isn’t to sulk, to stop completely and give up. No, I’m not like that. Fortunately I can make stories out of pretty much anything I want to put to screen.

I won’t share the idea but it’ll just have to be made and shown for the idea to be put across.

Luckily the creative juices are flowing and I’ve managed a first draft, in a few hours of thinking of the idea.

It’s weird how that happens, with all the time in the world it can take you an infinite amount of time to finish a story, script, whatever. In a mess of a situation, I have written one – and, it’s not random, it’s well thought out, dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s. Linking the throw behind it with the visual, the audio, the telling of the little story I’ve created.

I’ll wipe the sweat of my head, relieved that I have something to film.

I’ve collated all the pre-production for A Daisy is just a flower. I’m not sure whether to re-create that for this new film due to the fact that here is all this work that I’ve done and now it’s useless. But until I make it it’s useless. I think to save me the process I will create a storyboard, shot list & re-use elements from A Daisy is just a flower (The Health & Safety etc) because they’re the same locations and timings.

I’ll still be filming the progress of making the film. I want to put each video into little episodes. The video would cover filming on set, thoughts after filming and what I hope to do in the next session of filming.

If I could give advice to any other film maker, that advice would be to never give up, pure and simple.

A 3 day stroll through New York Professional practice – (Evaluation)

The idea behind the video pre-visit was to create something of a walkthrough, not complete, not 100% to being a literal walkthrough; but a candid recording of my personal experience in visual form. The notion that this is what I saw, what I experienced, the quite and sombre nature of a new city, a new country, silence as a motif of wonder and discovery.

The amount of footage I recorded tallies to roughly 3hours 30 minutes, a heck of a lot of footage to comb through. A lot of it was the here to there, a to b, what is used is very quick sections of time lapses to illustrate the enormity of New York City, a place where we had a lot planned and little time to discover. It was an adventure to say the least, walking, taxi’s, walking, more taxi’s. There was a cat and mouse game with time, hoping we’d make each attraction we intended on seeing, which most or in fact all of them have been captured on film.

We go through the city, see the Empire State Building; the view from it, Rockefeller Centre, Ground Zeroes + museum, Times Square. New York it self is an awe inspiring place which for me is the attraction, coming from an entirely different country and for the first time being in another country made it surreal and lucid because it was actually happening. You get a real sense of scale when you’re in New York; in Film or Television you can’t grasp the scope because you see it as small because it’s stored visually from someone else’s perspective.

The video became more of a ‘Here I am, look at the city as though I’m one of the ant’s in a big urban maze’ type of deal, the intention and the reality match. Going from I want to make the audience feel as though they’re looking through the eyes of someone in the city for the first time, in the edit & in the outcome it’s the same – the point is put across.

On a technical level it isn’t something that is gorgeous to look at, the camera is standard DSLR affair, 1080p using a 10mm – 18mm Wide lens with an aperture of F./4.5 didn’t help when shooting at night. Everything shot in the day was extremely well lit, the sun light provided me with an incredible lighting source – o-natural is always good! But for indoors/night time shots it looked patchy.

I did take my 50mm F./ 1.4 which looked stunning at night, but the that changes things for the vibe of the video, it’s less spur of the moment, candid. Becoming more manufactured and fake as it were. 0.5% of the video uses the 50mm, because of this thinking it kept the intercity of the video, the purpose of it.

Sound didn’t factor into the production, as carrying a camera, mini tripod wasn’t enough to arouse suspicion adding a shotgun mic to the top makes the camera look bulky and could cause more problems. I’m not saying that I would get arrested, or anything of that nature but as it’s my first time in another country the least suspicious I could be, the better. But the onboard sound provides decent quality audio recording, add the little dead cat to protect your ears from the awful wind noise is a bonus that increases the production value.

The edit was something I tackled with great trepidation because I didn’t want to leave too much in to make it seem bloated, or take too much out as to remove something from the experience. The fact of the 3hours and 30 minutes of footage never crossed my mind as a problem, but just an obstacle I had to tackle.

I intended on making a 2hour cut of the footage, but for reasons, obvious reasons I opted against that. Round it down to 25+ minutes and there’s the video. The process wasn’t arduous because it was scanning through the footage to find pockets of gold, to find elements that felt organic, authentic to the feel of the film. It took several editing sessions to go through the footage for the first time; trimming the fat. Another session to go through and do even more trimming, whilst adjusting time and positioning of shots to make it interesting, have a pop to it. And finally a third editing session to fix sound, to remove frames from the clips to have a nice organic flow.

The objective as described by Paul Clarkson, to shoot something in New York and make it look like you want to go there, like I said before I went with the intention of showing my experience; less ‘here’s why you should go there’ to ‘this is why I went’.

Goal achieved in the end. It’s looking though my eyes, what I saw, what I did, a taste of the city that is so fast, and incredibly time consuming that you want to spend so much time in to discover everything.

But, alas this was 3 days in the making.

First day of shooting Part 1 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower (2nd April 2016)

The beginning of actual production, not that filming prior to Wednesday wasn’t the start of production. Wednesday will begin the 3/4 day shoot for the film with cast involvement.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Ross and Loredana have interpreted the material, what they have created to make the characters their own.

It’s a fairly easy shoot, an easy set-up and should’t take long to film the main coverage. After filming has wrapped for the dialogue I want to shoot inserts based on their performances, which isn’t pre-planned because it’s all down to little quirks or characteristics the actors have created for the character they’re playing. So I’m looking forward to seeing the characters alive in person, to be able to have them have personality other than how I’ve written or imagined them to have.

I will be recording the process and making it into a VLOG which will be part 2 of this BLOG.

As the film is driven by character performance, the cast have to really live in the shoes of the character. I’m not saying that it all depends on this, the story is contained within a certain parameter. I have a longer version that expands on certain aspects discussed in the garage scene’s; and others but haven’t the time in the schedule to shoot them. But the cut that is planned will rely on a mixture of performance, story, editing & music to convey the emotions.

Another lighting + Camera test – A Daisy is just a flower

I’m not making a follow-up to this post about Monday’s lighting + camera test in the Garage location for the film. It’s a little repetitive when the same type of footage and content appears online, when it could be just summed up in one video and any other tests just feel unworthy of documentation a second or third time.

If there is any information I might want to talk about, I will write a post not make a video about it.

But, for Monday I want to test the lighting again; but with all of the lenses that I will be using on the day. Also to work out the specific blocking of the scene to fit around the use of multiple lenses, to see if the location will accommodate the focal length of the lenses.

More insert shooting – A Daisy is just a flower (1st April 2016)

Just spent a couple of hours with Josh Ward shooting some inserts for the film. Every time I get a chance I am out filming added footage to use between scenes, in scenes or anything of that nature.

Not every blog post will be too interesting, it’s the progression, the time spent on particular aspects; just documented. The VLOG’s are saved for major shoots, for instance when shooting begins with Cast then that will be VLOG worthy content.