The intention – (The BBQ Collective Food & Beer event 30th March 2016) [Professional practice]

by weslar

On Wednesday the 30th of March 2016 I will be attending & filming the BBQ Collective’s monthly Food & Beer pairing event, alongside Charlotte Lenihan. We will both be shooting the event, covering the main points of interest. The introduction to the event. The food prep, the food delivery and the food response, candidly presented in a short video that shows the success of the monthly event that takes place at The Hop.

It’s an incognito shoot, nothing crazy in the way of equipment, I have been asked to just focus on getting the natural aspect of the event, the unrehearsed reactions from customers to give a sense of opinion, and not orchestrated for the purpose of the video.

The set up is very gorilla film making, the basic of gear, maybe a rig, no tripod. Sound equipment is a must, an attached Tascam & shotgun mic will do fine.

With the budget we have, we have to use what we can to achieve the goals that we’re set, lighting is controlled by The Hop, a camera with a lower aperture would have to suffice to have a light enough image, and still retain visual quality without altering the ISO.

In perspective we intend to put out a fast paced, interesting edit that entices more people to attend the bar, and attend the events in the future.