Lighting local ‘Garage’ Part 1 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower (23rd March 2016)

by weslar

As always prep, prep and more prep. Heck, why not add some more prep. Tomorrow I intend to figure out if the lighting I have for a particular set of scenes will work, whether I will need more, or whether I have the right balance of light to do what I need it do for the scenes.

Ideally I’m going for a specific and unusual route, using travel lanterns. Three to be exact to play as in scene lighting as well as being the light set-up for the camera.

I don’t have my actors with me to block the scene, but it’s fairly basic. The characters are sat for the duration.

I’ll be filming a VLOG of my progress, to see if it went well. I hope that the lighting I have will illuminate their faces (or the stand ins in this case), I want it to feel very contained & claustrophobic, but very personal; that the characters can only see each other and that’s all they need.

+ additional insert shooting.