The beach, the sun or the lack of.. – Scarborough shoot (A Charlotte Lenihan film) 18th – 19th March 2016

by weslar

What a treat. To go to my favourite place, a place is like my second home, or third home, the cinema is another place I live, go to. A lot. I consume film.

So that place is Scarborough. The reason, to film for a friend of mines short film. It’s not my place to explain the idea, to say what it’s about. But I’ll share what we did, what problems we encountered, like always there are problems.

Travel by train > take less gear. Take what you need, not in excess. I gathered the camera gear, Charlotte Lenihan was in charge of the rig/tri-pod, unfortunately here lies the problem; she forgot. Not to worry we would adapt. With my miniature tripod from Manfrotto and portions of a rig I was bringing which was there for the matte box support.

I digress, the problem wasn’t major; a work around was found. So crew wise it was very minimal, me, Charlotte & Emma Dawson. Emma plays the lead in the film.

Most of the shooting flowed well, locations we had in mind became a reality, the scope of the place is massive. A place where you’d need way more than just one and a half days to shoot in. Our time limit was incredibly short. The important and scheduled portions had to be filmed as priority.

We started on the south side which is home to the party side of the mullet, the north side; business – or just peaceful, calm. The lighthouse was our first point of interest, and may I remind you the film is narrated throughout, the shots are reflective of said dialogue.

We head to the lighthouse and I set-up the camera, then as we start to shoot it rains. I pack away the gear and we head for a store to buy an umbrella; really working with what we can get here. I probably should have brought the rig that I am using at the moment, but never the less you can’t wish for something and have it appear right in front of you. That also reminds me, ND filters & Grads are a must!

Throughout the day I’d have to manipulate ISO, the aperture to gain control of the light, everything is natural in Scarborough, no control over light. Without ND filters it was difficult and sometimes the shots had to be canned, losing highlights or over exposing was a problem for wides.

With that said most of the time the sky was dull and grey, the impression of the image looking over exposed wasn’t that much of a problem, the lack of blue in the sky helped to let me expose correctly for anything that was lower in the frame.

We spent the first half day working on the south side, moving from one location & quickly covering portions of the north side. The following day we would run through the shot list Charlotte created and work our way from Peasholm park, to the north beach – to finish there.

Message to all – ND filters, that is all.