The Shot List – A Daisy is just a flower

by weslar

Quick update: shot lists and script breakdowns; are the best thing for organisation. I spent 2+ Hours working on a script breakdown to make sure I had everything covered for production. Following this I created a shot list on the script, opened a document on my laptop and started making a list of all the shots, what equipment I’d use, who’s in the shot and everything else that is relevant.

Most of the time I use a shot list, it is there for reference so that I know what i need to get specifically, but not exactly how it will be shot. I like to find the composition on location, but have the basis of a scene covered before hand.

Having these completed I am closing in on finishing all of the pre-production I need to get completed to finally begin filming. The next stage before that is the cast read through, which I will be filming. I won’t be uploading it until the film has been shot, edited & uploaded. Following this will be a behind the scenes video, showing more than I would have in the VLOG’s, including that read through.