Casting – A Daisy is just a flower

by weslar

An incredibly hard stage in film making is casting. Everything else is in place of the stage where someone has to take up the mantle of being your character, your creation.

I look for people who fit the role, yes this is important. But an even more important aspect is how much dedication and motivation they have for the role and for film in general.

My lead male ‘Flow’ is going to be played by Ross Cawton, I’ve recently been watching the films he has been apart of, and he has definitely developed his skills over the duration of his career so far. I appreciate his work ethic and his motivation as an actor, to be 100% committed is an incredibly respectful feature I look for in an actor.

My issue now is casting my lead female ‘Daisy’. I’m split between two actress’, I won’t name them until I have cast one of them. These actress’ haven’t been apart of many productions, which is fine because not everybody has a lengthy body of work when they’re starting out. I hope to hear more from them, know more about them so I can make a judgement on who I want to cast.

The great thing about film, and about being a director is the on set I can work with them, they can work with me to get the characters from script to screen in the most authentic way possible. By giving control over performance to the actors, and for me to guide them; and us all to collaborate as a team.