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Month: March, 2016

Unfortunate circumstance – (The BBQ Collective Food & Beer event 30th March 2016) [Professional practice]

Update: Unfortunately due to illness, the camera operator I was supposed to work with was unavailable. I couldn’t shoot the event alone as I would have missed multiple moments while concentrating on other.

Fortunately the event is happening once again the 27th of April. With the time that I now have I can put some more plans into place to get an overview of the type of video that The BBQ collective want me to make.


The intention – (The BBQ Collective Food & Beer event 30th March 2016) [Professional practice]

On Wednesday the 30th of March 2016 I will be attending & filming the BBQ Collective’s monthly Food & Beer pairing event, alongside Charlotte Lenihan. We will both be shooting the event, covering the main points of interest. The introduction to the event. The food prep, the food delivery and the food response, candidly presented in a short video that shows the success of the monthly event that takes place at The Hop.

It’s an incognito shoot, nothing crazy in the way of equipment, I have been asked to just focus on getting the natural aspect of the event, the unrehearsed reactions from customers to give a sense of opinion, and not orchestrated for the purpose of the video.

The set up is very gorilla film making, the basic of gear, maybe a rig, no tripod. Sound equipment is a must, an attached Tascam & shotgun mic will do fine.

With the budget we have, we have to use what we can to achieve the goals that we’re set, lighting is controlled by The Hop, a camera with a lower aperture would have to suffice to have a light enough image, and still retain visual quality without altering the ISO.

In perspective we intend to put out a fast paced, interesting edit that entices more people to attend the bar, and attend the events in the future.


In the woods – (A Charlotte Lenihan film) 24th March 2016

Not much happened today, rather a trip to Derwent Valley (At least I think that’s what it’s called), to film inserts for Charlotte’s film. Unfortunately it was raining, and like anything we had to deal with the problem.


A grey tarp over the rig.


Lighting local ‘Garage’ Part 2 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower (24th March 2016)

Lighting local ‘Garage’ Part 2 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower (24th March 2016)

Lighting local ‘Garage’ Part 1 of 2 – A Daisy is just a flower (23rd March 2016)

As always prep, prep and more prep. Heck, why not add some more prep. Tomorrow I intend to figure out if the lighting I have for a particular set of scenes will work, whether I will need more, or whether I have the right balance of light to do what I need it do for the scenes.

Ideally I’m going for a specific and unusual route, using travel lanterns. Three to be exact to play as in scene lighting as well as being the light set-up for the camera.

I don’t have my actors with me to block the scene, but it’s fairly basic. The characters are sat for the duration.

I’ll be filming a VLOG of my progress, to see if it went well. I hope that the lighting I have will illuminate their faces (or the stand ins in this case), I want it to feel very contained & claustrophobic, but very personal; that the characters can only see each other and that’s all they need.

+ additional insert shooting.

A 3 day stroll through New York Professional practice (Video)

A 3 day stroll through New York. (Video)

None of this footage was planned, it is pretty much purely what I could capture at the time and see what I could do with the footage.

Early March I visited New York, a place I have always wanted to visit. A place that is full of life & always busy.

My experience was intense and frantic, trying to see everything I could in the short time I had there.

I do want to create a version of this with voice over, going over what I did and what I got out of the New York trip.

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The beach, the sun or the lack of.. – Scarborough shoot (A Charlotte Lenihan film) 18th – 19th March 2016

What a treat. To go to my favourite place, a place is like my second home, or third home, the cinema is another place I live, go to. A lot. I consume film.

So that place is Scarborough. The reason, to film for a friend of mines short film. It’s not my place to explain the idea, to say what it’s about. But I’ll share what we did, what problems we encountered, like always there are problems.

Travel by train > take less gear. Take what you need, not in excess. I gathered the camera gear, Charlotte Lenihan was in charge of the rig/tri-pod, unfortunately here lies the problem; she forgot. Not to worry we would adapt. With my miniature tripod from Manfrotto and portions of a rig I was bringing which was there for the matte box support.

I digress, the problem wasn’t major; a work around was found. So crew wise it was very minimal, me, Charlotte & Emma Dawson. Emma plays the lead in the film.

Most of the shooting flowed well, locations we had in mind became a reality, the scope of the place is massive. A place where you’d need way more than just one and a half days to shoot in. Our time limit was incredibly short. The important and scheduled portions had to be filmed as priority.

We started on the south side which is home to the party side of the mullet, the north side; business – or just peaceful, calm. The lighthouse was our first point of interest, and may I remind you the film is narrated throughout, the shots are reflective of said dialogue.

We head to the lighthouse and I set-up the camera, then as we start to shoot it rains. I pack away the gear and we head for a store to buy an umbrella; really working with what we can get here. I probably should have brought the rig that I am using at the moment, but never the less you can’t wish for something and have it appear right in front of you. That also reminds me, ND filters & Grads are a must!

Throughout the day I’d have to manipulate ISO, the aperture to gain control of the light, everything is natural in Scarborough, no control over light. Without ND filters it was difficult and sometimes the shots had to be canned, losing highlights or over exposing was a problem for wides.

With that said most of the time the sky was dull and grey, the impression of the image looking over exposed wasn’t that much of a problem, the lack of blue in the sky helped to let me expose correctly for anything that was lower in the frame.

We spent the first half day working on the south side, moving from one location & quickly covering portions of the north side. The following day we would run through the shot list Charlotte created and work our way from Peasholm park, to the north beach – to finish there.

Message to all – ND filters, that is all.

The Shot List – A Daisy is just a flower

Quick update: shot lists and script breakdowns; are the best thing for organisation. I spent 2+ Hours working on a script breakdown to make sure I had everything covered for production. Following this I created a shot list on the script, opened a document on my laptop and started making a list of all the shots, what equipment I’d use, who’s in the shot and everything else that is relevant.

Most of the time I use a shot list, it is there for reference so that I know what i need to get specifically, but not exactly how it will be shot. I like to find the composition on location, but have the basis of a scene covered before hand.

Having these completed I am closing in on finishing all of the pre-production I need to get completed to finally begin filming. The next stage before that is the cast read through, which I will be filming. I won’t be uploading it until the film has been shot, edited & uploaded. Following this will be a behind the scenes video, showing more than I would have in the VLOG’s, including that read through.

Casting – A Daisy is just a flower

An incredibly hard stage in film making is casting. Everything else is in place of the stage where someone has to take up the mantle of being your character, your creation.

I look for people who fit the role, yes this is important. But an even more important aspect is how much dedication and motivation they have for the role and for film in general.

My lead male ‘Flow’ is going to be played by Ross Cawton, I’ve recently been watching the films he has been apart of, and he has definitely developed his skills over the duration of his career so far. I appreciate his work ethic and his motivation as an actor, to be 100% committed is an incredibly respectful feature I look for in an actor.

My issue now is casting my lead female ‘Daisy’. I’m split between two actress’, I won’t name them until I have cast one of them. These actress’ haven’t been apart of many productions, which is fine because not everybody has a lengthy body of work when they’re starting out. I hope to hear more from them, know more about them so I can make a judgement on who I want to cast.

The great thing about film, and about being a director is the on set I can work with them, they can work with me to get the characters from script to screen in the most authentic way possible. By giving control over performance to the actors, and for me to guide them; and us all to collaborate as a team.