Bulk of the shoot – iGolf Studio (Web-Video) – 22nd February 2015

by weslar

My first day of shooting at iGolf (The Previous time I was unable to film), I wanted to get as much footage shot and audio recorded as possible. This ranged from filming a one on one interview with Iain Mackenzie, the man who owns iGolf Studio. To filming inserts, a ton of inserts to fit with what he says in the interview and, in the demonstration which Tom Johnson, golf trainer and pro at iGolf would provide for us.

It was a pretty standard shoot, get the necessary, and most important footage first, ticking it off the shot list one by one. Then, making sure to cover all bases and have several inputs for audio, through the Tascam, into the camera; so there’s no chance of having zero audio if any of the devices had a problem.

It roughly took myself and Charlotte Lenihan, 3 hours, just under to film everything we needed to have an edit timeline filled with footage to create it’s basic form, so that we can see if we need any more footage, like inserts, or soundbites we would need to finish the video.