Several fresh starts

by weslar

So far preparing a short for the end of the year has been a farce.

Starting with a short film ‘Sentiment Value’. The film is written (now that I’m not making it I’m going to extend the script, flesh it out a little more) the storyboards are done, so much pre-production work is available for reference, nothing goes to plan from here on.

So I have my actors, great. The female lead I’m very happy with because she’s excited about the project, interested in the material. So that’s a good start. My other two actors are all on board, but eventually become unresponsive… I won’t name them but it is frustrating when you have people committing to your project then completely vanishing off the face of the earth after first line of contact…

The locations were booked, but one third of the actors didn’t follow through with what they led me to believe was commitment. Can’t make the film without the cast.

So I ponder, what can I do from here; this is also taking place whilst I write and pre-produce a film that I will make starting January, it’s a busy time. Not to mention the client work, feature writing/learning, music videos & live events recording & editing.

Simple is my answer, but creative.

The first idea that popped into my head was to make a short film, set in one location, lasting one scene. The topic is Gender Representation, domestic violence but reversed. The way you see it is usually men abusing women, I wanted to have this notion turned around to be different. The concept was just actors in a room, set at Christmas, and them having an argument. The narrative was driven not only by the dialogue but by the setting, it juxtaposes the story between anger and joy. But no such luck, I didn’t feel that it was unique enough.

Another idea revolved around animation, I remember looking at the new features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and that you can do animation rigging, very simple animation rigging. The kind where your animated figure can be manipulated by the camera capturing your facial movements. I thought ‘Hey, this is pretty cool!’ I worked on how to approach this, how should it look, what style? But I could never get around to one I’d like because I knew it would take longer to make, I didn’t have the time.

New idea time, and the final idea; the one I’m going with.

After writing several scripts I decided to write one more, but write it purely voice over. The short consists of inserts, yet again set at Christmas telling the story through connoted imagery to be shown parallel to the dialogue. The same concept of story but told in a different way, which I hope comes across in the symbolism of film.