‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night @The Hop – 19th November 2015

by weslar

Another fortnight, another open mic night!

This time we have a third camera in our arsenal of equipment, the last bastion of hope for us. The safety camera, ye is all powerful. It’s there to save my editing soul incase any of the other cameras either a.) Run out of battery, 2.) The card is full, 3.) The shot is terrible, because of movement or positioning the camera somewhere else.

The audio same as always is plugged in to the magical sound mixer so we can get clean audio.

The Edit

Unfortunately the audio is incredibly loud & distorted… This causes me to freak out for a moment until I realise we recorded on Josh Ward’s Canon C100 as back up sound, which actually doesn’t sound that bad. In places it is too loud to put in the final video, so I’m resorting to working out the format for the video.

I thought of multiple editing options before shooting, whether I should make it a full length gig, montage, something different. So at least I thought about my options and picked option 2. After option 1 fails.

Never the less it worked out great, the footage is great, the safety camera helped cover up some messy cinematography at times. The songs I chose to use had audio that is great, not as good as a direct recording, but you have to compromise when the time comes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 16.21.11

‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night @ The Hop – 19/11/2015