iGolf Studio – Professional Practice

by weslar

Myself, Josh Ward & Charlotte Lenihan are tasked with making 2 client based videos for “iGolf Studio” http://www.igolfstudio.co.uk .

The aim is to promote them as well as the products that they use in house. We also may have a chance to interview a Pro Golfer ‘Matt Fitzpatrick’ who will add authenticity to the video as his testimony will hopefully highlight the many pro’s of training at the iGolf Studio.

Charlotte, is working on communication between the studio and us, giving us a script and ideas of what they want us to cover in the videos.

For myself I’m directing the video, over seeing production and to be prominent in the idea development stages.

Josh is our camera operator for the project.

The studio is small but professional it has a high tech, state of the art suit to learn everything there is for golf, machines that replicates your swing and transforms it into data that as a player you can learn from.

We hope to promote them and show what they provide as a company.