Pre-Prod’ (Contentious – [Working Title] Short Film)

by weslar

Looking at the bigger picture now. Gotta think about entering films into festivals. OR at least aim them more in a direction other than portfolio, which has been great because I can show my work off if I need to, I have a body of work, I’ve had experience.

I’d like this film (slated for a 2016 release – never done that before) to be my best, you’d say that for anything you currently working on, but it’s true. The next should always be your best it’s what you’re… I’m striving for. Not perfection, but the best one I’ve made (and the best one the team will make).

I’m excited for this. Very excited for the process of making the film. Teasing it with art, posters. I’ll be recording a Vlog for production, maybe releasing it over time with short (un-spoilery content) footage of production, interviews, inserts; those sorts of things. Then releasing a making of (with spoilers, or what you can call spoilers) to catalogue the film, after the film has been released.

Then to festival’s, promotion especially social networking the film to get it out there. All to be considered and worked on in prep.

Anyway my intentions for the film aside I’ve started the ‘Pre’ stages of production. There’s a script, not finished but it’s getting there. I’m feeling  such a passion for the material (I do with all my projects, but it’s nice to have it again) the content works, it feels: it feels.

Through all the necessary, and relevant pre-production I can do and will do, and have done there’s nothing more to do other than look for actors and have an idea of locations (adventuring to locations for the recce’s will be fun because I have time on my side). Never have I had the chance to be prepped so much, I feel relaxed in a mind set of chaos and enthusiasm.

On the list for pre-production.

  • Script – Almost Done.
  • Shot List – In Progress.
  • Storyboard (I very rarely use them on set because of budget & time restraints, but for a idea of how it looks, it works) – In Progress.
  • Crew – I have my crew.
  • Cast – Working on that.
  • Locations  – Working on that.
  • Permissions – Comes with the Locations.
  • Call Sheets – All in due time.

There’s a lot more to consider than this list, but there’s the main body of prep to be done.

I’m hopeful, and that excites me.