‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night @The Hop – 5th November 2015

by weslar

Oh boy, a lesson learnt a fortnight ago, make sure to have a n extra hard drive to back up all of that precious, precious footage. Mistakes are made, brains are exploded, frustration boils down to stupidity. Lesson Learnt.

As for a gesture of good faith luck is in this week, direct audio recording from Dan ‘The Man’ Clark. The audio, by the way sounds amazing (uploaded when the mammoth of an file has rendered), crystal clear. Although a tad loud on the guitar, other than we have perfection. 95% of perfection.

The main goal for my personally as a practitioner was to develop my skills further, as most times you do something, whether it be cooking, playing an instrument; whatever it may be, you strive to improve. I wanted to keep a consistent edit way of thinking, as many live edits go you can’t retake anything, so it’s get it perfect on the day or don’t.

For example, a two man crew. Two cameras. Two angles. If one has to setup a new shot the other has to keep a perfect shot, or for those split seconds the footage is shaky or ruined. Also the fact we don’t have any headsets to communicate with each other it’s more about eye contact, paying attention to the other camera operators locations. Are they still? Have they got a stabile shot? Can I move? The sorts of questions I have to ask myself to keep a reliable edit in mind, for when I actually edit it.

Editing for a long, long time.

After 2+ hours watching, re-watching, cutting, timing and relocating footage the full edit is done.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 16.59.19

As always I run into problems. In this case Premiere Pro would quit out on it’s own, thanks Adobe… anyway, and luckily by this point the edit is done. Only exporting is in the way of it’s uploading to the inter webs. In this case, exported to be a safety net, there’s a little colour grading to do, to fix up the continuity of the colour. And to edit down the video into a highlights video, to go along with the 1+ hour video.