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Month: November, 2015

Several fresh starts

So far preparing a short for the end of the year has been a farce.

Starting with a short film ‘Sentiment Value’. The film is written (now that I’m not making it I’m going to extend the script, flesh it out a little more) the storyboards are done, so much pre-production work is available for reference, nothing goes to plan from here on.

So I have my actors, great. The female lead I’m very happy with because she’s excited about the project, interested in the material. So that’s a good start. My other two actors are all on board, but eventually become unresponsive… I won’t name them but it is frustrating when you have people committing to your project then completely vanishing off the face of the earth after first line of contact…

The locations were booked, but one third of the actors didn’t follow through with what they led me to believe was commitment. Can’t make the film without the cast.

So I ponder, what can I do from here; this is also taking place whilst I write and pre-produce a film that I will make starting January, it’s a busy time. Not to mention the client work, feature writing/learning, music videos & live events recording & editing.

Simple is my answer, but creative.

The first idea that popped into my head was to make a short film, set in one location, lasting one scene. The topic is Gender Representation, domestic violence but reversed. The way you see it is usually men abusing women, I wanted to have this notion turned around to be different. The concept was just actors in a room, set at Christmas, and them having an argument. The narrative was driven not only by the dialogue but by the setting, it juxtaposes the story between anger and joy. But no such luck, I didn’t feel that it was unique enough.

Another idea revolved around animation, I remember looking at the new features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and that you can do animation rigging, very simple animation rigging. The kind where your animated figure can be manipulated by the camera capturing your facial movements. I thought ‘Hey, this is pretty cool!’ I worked on how to approach this, how should it look, what style? But I could never get around to one I’d like because I knew it would take longer to make, I didn’t have the time.

New idea time, and the final idea; the one I’m going with.

After writing several scripts I decided to write one more, but write it purely voice over. The short consists of inserts, yet again set at Christmas telling the story through connoted imagery to be shown parallel to the dialogue. The same concept of story but told in a different way, which I hope comes across in the symbolism of film.


iGolf Studio – Professional Practice

Myself, Josh Ward & Charlotte Lenihan are tasked with making 2 client based videos for “iGolf Studio” http://www.igolfstudio.co.uk .

The aim is to promote them as well as the products that they use in house. We also may have a chance to interview a Pro Golfer ‘Matt Fitzpatrick’ who will add authenticity to the video as his testimony will hopefully highlight the many pro’s of training at the iGolf Studio.

Charlotte, is working on communication between the studio and us, giving us a script and ideas of what they want us to cover in the videos.

For myself I’m directing the video, over seeing production and to be prominent in the idea development stages.

Josh is our camera operator for the project.

The studio is small but professional it has a high tech, state of the art suit to learn everything there is for golf, machines that replicates your swing and transforms it into data that as a player you can learn from.

We hope to promote them and show what they provide as a company.

‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night @The Hop – 19th November 2015

Another fortnight, another open mic night!

This time we have a third camera in our arsenal of equipment, the last bastion of hope for us. The safety camera, ye is all powerful. It’s there to save my editing soul incase any of the other cameras either a.) Run out of battery, 2.) The card is full, 3.) The shot is terrible, because of movement or positioning the camera somewhere else.

The audio same as always is plugged in to the magical sound mixer so we can get clean audio.

The Edit

Unfortunately the audio is incredibly loud & distorted… This causes me to freak out for a moment until I realise we recorded on Josh Ward’s Canon C100 as back up sound, which actually doesn’t sound that bad. In places it is too loud to put in the final video, so I’m resorting to working out the format for the video.

I thought of multiple editing options before shooting, whether I should make it a full length gig, montage, something different. So at least I thought about my options and picked option 2. After option 1 fails.

Never the less it worked out great, the footage is great, the safety camera helped cover up some messy cinematography at times. The songs I chose to use had audio that is great, not as good as a direct recording, but you have to compromise when the time comes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 16.21.11

‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night @ The Hop – 19/11/2015


Pre-Prod’ (Contentious – [Working Title] Short Film)

Looking at the bigger picture now. Gotta think about entering films into festivals. OR at least aim them more in a direction other than portfolio, which has been great because I can show my work off if I need to, I have a body of work, I’ve had experience.

I’d like this film (slated for a 2016 release – never done that before) to be my best, you’d say that for anything you currently working on, but it’s true. The next should always be your best it’s what you’re… I’m striving for. Not perfection, but the best one I’ve made (and the best one the team will make).

I’m excited for this. Very excited for the process of making the film. Teasing it with art, posters. I’ll be recording a Vlog for production, maybe releasing it over time with short (un-spoilery content) footage of production, interviews, inserts; those sorts of things. Then releasing a making of (with spoilers, or what you can call spoilers) to catalogue the film, after the film has been released.

Then to festival’s, promotion especially social networking the film to get it out there. All to be considered and worked on in prep.

Anyway my intentions for the film aside I’ve started the ‘Pre’ stages of production. There’s a script, not finished but it’s getting there. I’m feeling  such a passion for the material (I do with all my projects, but it’s nice to have it again) the content works, it feels: it feels.

Through all the necessary, and relevant pre-production I can do and will do, and have done there’s nothing more to do other than look for actors and have an idea of locations (adventuring to locations for the recce’s will be fun because I have time on my side). Never have I had the chance to be prepped so much, I feel relaxed in a mind set of chaos and enthusiasm.

On the list for pre-production.

  • Script – Almost Done.
  • Shot List – In Progress.
  • Storyboard (I very rarely use them on set because of budget & time restraints, but for a idea of how it looks, it works) – In Progress.
  • Crew – I have my crew.
  • Cast – Working on that.
  • Locations  – Working on that.
  • Permissions – Comes with the Locations.
  • Call Sheets – All in due time.

There’s a lot more to consider than this list, but there’s the main body of prep to be done.

I’m hopeful, and that excites me.

Lloyd’s bank video shoot – 18th November 2015

Not sure what the video will be called but I know that it’s big business. The shoot revolved around a face to camera script read, the set up was a simple 3 camera setup. Using Tricaster software to capture individual camera footage instead of purely relying on a live edit.

Myself and Josh Ward worked on setting the cameras, the cameras keep resetting overtime they’re switched off. The back focus doesn’t stay set, for some odd reason.

Pretty much a standard set up but used on a grander scale.

Nothing much to say other than it was nice to work with professionals that really enjoy they’re work, as well as bringing enthusiasm as they enter the newly built TV Studio at Hillsborough College. Also learning about the freelance work and the way you should approach jobs has been stapled in my mind.

‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night @The Hop – 5th November 2015

Oh boy, a lesson learnt a fortnight ago, make sure to have a n extra hard drive to back up all of that precious, precious footage. Mistakes are made, brains are exploded, frustration boils down to stupidity. Lesson Learnt.

As for a gesture of good faith luck is in this week, direct audio recording from Dan ‘The Man’ Clark. The audio, by the way sounds amazing (uploaded when the mammoth of an file has rendered), crystal clear. Although a tad loud on the guitar, other than we have perfection. 95% of perfection.

The main goal for my personally as a practitioner was to develop my skills further, as most times you do something, whether it be cooking, playing an instrument; whatever it may be, you strive to improve. I wanted to keep a consistent edit way of thinking, as many live edits go you can’t retake anything, so it’s get it perfect on the day or don’t.

For example, a two man crew. Two cameras. Two angles. If one has to setup a new shot the other has to keep a perfect shot, or for those split seconds the footage is shaky or ruined. Also the fact we don’t have any headsets to communicate with each other it’s more about eye contact, paying attention to the other camera operators locations. Are they still? Have they got a stabile shot? Can I move? The sorts of questions I have to ask myself to keep a reliable edit in mind, for when I actually edit it.

Editing for a long, long time.

After 2+ hours watching, re-watching, cutting, timing and relocating footage the full edit is done.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 16.59.19

As always I run into problems. In this case Premiere Pro would quit out on it’s own, thanks Adobe… anyway, and luckily by this point the edit is done. Only exporting is in the way of it’s uploading to the inter webs. In this case, exported to be a safety net, there’s a little colour grading to do, to fix up the continuity of the colour. And to edit down the video into a highlights video, to go along with the 1+ hour video.