‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night @The Hop – 22nd October 2015

by weslar

There’s a plan in motion. The most precise, meticulous plan that has ever existed; well, to someone who enjoys his work it sure is. The goal for perfect audio has, for a long time been a struggle, struggle is probably not the right word. Challenge; much better.

It’s been a challenge to get amazing audio. So going to the second recording session (3rd for the event) Open Mic Night @The Hop (Unit 14, West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam St, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 4JB) I though best to directly record the audio from a speaker, a Tascam, Directional Mic later we did that.

Myself and Josh Ward worked the positioning of the microphone, made sure to; if necessary move the microphone somewhere else if the sound was distorted. Long and behold after the event the audio is clean, much cleaner than the first time recording, the instruments and vocals sound separate but well mixed. Perfect Audio, almost like a live recording that we could turn into Live EP’s for the artists.

So for audio we were set.

Before the gig kicks off we take some time to talk to Anthony Smith ‘Parasol’ to talk about the event, some music behind the scenes and a chat.


Cameras we used Lumix GH4’s, easy to use cameras that shoot 4k, not bad. Light weight and easy to hold, plus the image stabiliser work wonders for shaky hands.

The night proceeded flawlessly, a relaxed atmosphere for us filming; usually the first time to film is always the worst; and second times usually get better. But with the cameras lasting a whole lot longer in battery life as well as how much would fit on the SD cards , made for a smoother filming session.

Looking forward to the next Open Mic Night. 4th November 2015.

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Update: The hard drive was stored on broke. So the footage is lost. (I was working on buying another hard drive for back up, just wasn’t quick enough)

Here’s the audio from the night up until the final act.