‘Parasol’ Open Mic Night at The Hop – 8th October 2015

by weslar

A pretty cool guy who goes by the name of ‘Parasol’; Anthony Smith along with Dan Bull have begun what should be an interesting opportunity for musicians to come down to The Hop in Sheffield to play some tunes, have a good time and be filmed by yours truly. All in the name of music and purely for it, Anthony is one of those guys who gets what music is about and relishes in the fun that he brings to his performances.

I have this monster. A monster that I like to call “The Frankenrig”. Here you can see for yourself.


It’s a fantastic beast. Part Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera + Cage, part Mic & Stand + external battery, part Tascam Dr-60D Mk 2. It’s a beautiful monster. it does the trick.

The night started well, with high hopes. Anthony is excited for the second week to begin and for me the atmosphere elevated the experimentation for me as a film maker not to stick in one place, to be confident to move around. The same goes for my fellow camera man Josh Ward who helped film the event. With his fancy Canon C100, such a beauty.

The night went well, other than the fact none of the bands that were supposed to show up never turned up. No worries people came in, listened to the music and we filmed. The procedure was to record external audio for the Blackmagic (The onboard mic is awful), the C100’s sound is great so no worries there. The set up worked and the sound was great, the problem was distance, having the Tascam move around it would lower in Db and ultimately obscure the sound. Next time I think I will set it up in a permanent position near the speakers, having constant audio and at least every single peace of it, not missing anything.

A learning curve for sure.

The videos will develop over each gig. For starters I intend to make video highlights of the nights, eventually recording the whole of the nights as an official video for the event. Ambitious but will become a reality.

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