Shot Lists & Scripts (Short Film Audition) 24th September 2015

Here is the poster advertising my desire for cast. Clear and to the point, although there’s a lot of information it gives you everything you need to know.

Blackout films short film audition poster

 I have an idea for an excercise. Film 3 Short films manipulating Light, Camera Angle, Editing to see how the different aspects being altered would affect the tone of a film. The shooting for all 3 takes place in a week, the time we have to make this isn’t long, therefore this means preparation for the time it will take to make the 3 films .


No storyboards, just shot lists. Following storyboards in my personal experience on a set with minimal crew is time consuming and less creative. Storyboards should be used for a multitude of reasons but for quick shorts I’d rather have a shot list & lighting plan and work out the kinks on set, to be quicker, to also be able to pick and choose the angles on the day makes for better creative decisions.