Music in the Gardens 2015 (Charity Festival)

by weslar

Day One

What can I say about day one. Well there’s not much to tell, it was a slow day.

Arrive at 2pm, cameras are stuck in traffic – will arrive at 4. Arrive at 5. From the point at which they arrived they were set up for us, and we just had time to make sure to get ready for when the crowd arrives at which point we took control of Vision mixing, working in shifts between myself and Josh Hague.

Day One was less hands on, more everything is set up for you, which didn’t help. Cameras where set to auto, the incredibly dark footage, the extremely light footage, there was no control.

Day Two

The better of the days.

We managed to set up ourselves, having one free camera at the front means we have more creative choice. This time it was our job to make sure we set up to how we want it to look. It’s the first time for me on a job that I’ve felt like it’s my responsibility to make sure everything (in the camera department) will run smooth, and look good for the audience behind our tent.


The crowd arrives 1 hour after we are ready, perfect timing. Everything runs smooth throughout the performances and we pack down again.

Day Three

The day of The Proclaimers.

Same deal as yesterday, set up, make sure the cameras are set properly and wait for the crowd to show & the bands to play. There was a bigger audience than the previous two nights (due to The Proclaimers). I don’t know a lot about their music, but after they played I did enjoy what I heard – especially standing at the front of the stage filming them.

After filming the Sheffield Sharks basketball team I’ve had practice with live cameras, especially using certain techniques – zoom & focus is tricky when having to use the on board camera zoom. Luckily the cameras were fitted with a zoom trigger on the handle of the tripod, much more efficient.

IMG_3267 IMG_3269 IMG_3271

Day Four

Final day – same deal as the last few days. Setup and wait.

A little less pro-active as the last few days, the Brass Band & Orchestra. I liked the Brass Band (as a fan of film scores they resonated within me) but for the Orchestra… Opera isn’t my thing. Nether the less the filming commenced, primarily I focused on Vision Mixing for the event for the first half.

The extravagant fireworks show ended a good 4 days of music with a bang, a visual feast (and audible). Pack down went the same. We are done.

IMG_3323 copy