A Sequel and it’s Location Recce – 10th June 2015

I’ve never really thought of making a sequel to a film that I have already made, I think that for me making short films is about improvement in Writing (all manners here – Character, Story, Events – anything that is implemented), the Cinematography, Camera work, Directing (working with Cast & Crew which is never an improving game because I always stay on the same level every time, it’s consistent. It’s all about Respect, Collaboration, Passion, Drive, Fun, Hard work, Dedication and many more relative aspects of film making). Editing, sound, pacing and the list goes on and on. And on.

But I think the film I want to do a follow up for is a lot of fun, it’s a get out there and shoot, little to no planning (other than what’s going on and story) but has on the fly cinematography, nothing pre-planned to a massive extent.