Pickups & Editing Day Three & Four (Whitby Residential Short Film) 29th/30th April 2015

by weslar

The beautiful bookstore that is ‘Rare & Racy’ granted us the permission to shoot in their lovely & relaxed bookstore on the 29th of April, kind of them to do so.


10am meet up time… turned into 10:30am. Ash was late, traffic was bad, the end.

We start to shoot on the second floor of the store, I took the time to look around the room to work out the beats of the scene with the Zak (Our actor). As well as conceptualising shots that I wanted to get for the scene.

The key for this scene was to match what we shot in Whitby so that it looked like the bookstore he entered in Whitby. And it did, another win.

We shot from 10:45am till 12pm, enough time to get all the shots we needed, I decided to shoot it in set ups, so it would take less time. Tripod & 50mm lens, then the final shots on the 10mm – 18mm Lens. Doing all this whilst recording foley & room tone.


Editing came down to just importing the footage, renaming the footage and adding it to the timeline. Nothing too fancy but the structure of the shots in the scene feels fluid and consistent.

More tweaks of sound and the length of shots, most of it is coming down to minimal tweaks and slight colour and contrast changes to the shots to fit the tone of the film.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.15.25

A lot of the colour grading was done in camera (the shots were lit perfectly), the outside scenes had to be graded to become darker in the highlights, the shot above in some of the other takes stood out blood red, other shots that are coloured warm but not red, I changed the colour to add more red into the mid tones to bring out the skin tone & the global colour too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.21.05

Only just a tiny bit.