Pre-Production (Whitby Residential Short Film)

by weslar

The first thing was to think of an idea. The time it took to come to the final idea for the film was several days.

The first production meeting we all set out to project our ideas and I took note on the board and we created a spider diagram of ideas, scenarios and characters. A lot of the ideas we thought of, an example would be a IRL Poseidon short, but then we got caught up in the idea that it developed into a bigger idea than we could possible make in the time we have to make the film.

A few days pass and no solid ideas.

Out of nowhere I settled with pragmatism, a realistic film that we could make in the 2 and a half days we have to film. No CG, no complex narrative, an interesting story; yes.

Writing the script I had to include a third character which we didn’t have when conceptualising the film, so that u-turned the story and created a hole in the story, where does the new character fit in?

Charis thought of the two co-stars should be the leads sub-conscious, and the script writing became a whole lot easier.

As soon as the script was done, the production team looked through the script & locations, scheduling the scene’s we would shoot on each day, writing the health & safety forms, planning routes, getting permissions for locations.

I wrote the costume and prop list, sent the costume list to the cast so that they could come up with costume for their character. The props (which weren’t many) became easy to source when other people already had what we needed.

After everything is ready in pre-production, we we’re ready to shoot.