Day Two (Whitby Residential Short Film) Wednesday 15th April 2015

by weslar

No sleep the night before. Okay maybe a few hours, just didn’t feel like much when you wake up and your eyes don’t want to open.

A 4am snack of Chicken Flavoured crisps & a morning shower that makes a 6ft tall human being (Myself) become 5ft, the roof is slanted and cuts the shower room in half.

On to filming.

Again with our designated driver (The one and only David Steele), we arrived at the location… a few 100 footsteps away, we trekked to find a location that would be grand in scale. We found a location that looks nice and decided to investigate, it’s a cemetery. I spotted a bench that overlooked the town and we shot there.


(Photo courtesy of: Liam Cutts. Left: Belinda Odawa. Right: Zak Millscray)

Something that really impressed me was the two actor’s memory capabilities, they knew the script pretty well, and as normal I let them improvise if they thought necessary. Giving them freedom to control the character, to make it feel natural, to live the character. I enjoyed their performance. The different take on the scene from Belinda was great, she added movement, expression and nuance. Acting like the good angel of Zak’s subconscious (The Heaven & Hell inner demons & angels).


(Photo courtesy of: Liam Cutts. Left: Wesley Jones (Myself). Right: Charis Kurpiel)

IMG_1649 IMG_1650 IMG_1647

Every 15 minutes, a church bell rang. Every. Single. Time. It became common practice to wait for the bell to finish ringing then have 10 – 15 minutes to film. Then the batteries in the Tascam began to drain, really, really fast. Eventually it ran out of juice. Luckily we had finished all the dialogue scenes.

We had to film a scene with Belinda without recording dialogue, let the dubbing begin.

[Food break.]

Filming on the beach.


The nicest weather conditions of the day, next to the church we had wind, and I felt for Belinda who (not through costume decisions that I made) decided on her costume to be more angelic. She suffers for her art.

Most of the time on the beach we improvised around what would look better and what would tell the story of the scene. Other than that we filmed pretty quickly with the time to improvise. We planned on ending at 3:30pm. We actually ended at 2:30pm, shaving an hour off our original schedule.


(Photo Courtesy of Wesley Jones. Left to right. Sam Roberts, Liam Cutts, Josh Ward, Charis Kurpiel, Zak Millscray & Ashley Foulstone)