Day Three (Whitby Residential Short Film) Thursday 16th April 2015

by weslar

A bookstore and an author, with 30 minutes to shoot sounds like a nightmare. That’s because it was, we literally shot for 10 minutes. A re-shoot is definitely needed.

Other than the unlucky shooting in the bookstore, we headed off to the beach to record foley sounds (Thanks to Ashley Foulstone for capturing waves, seagulls and the calming sounds off the sea air).

Myself and Josh Ward took the time to improvise on the shots we wanted to get for cutaways inserts (all relative to the scenes), progressing from the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs.



Going from shots of the waves, the town, lighthouse, and boats. Using ND Grads to darken the image the colour of the sky stood out more, the bright blue and cloudy sky filled out immensely.

The team photo(s).

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[Later that day…]

So everything is shot in Whitby, the last portion of the shoot took place in the house we stayed in.

From 3pm we shot till 2am the next morning, it’s a long day.

But it started with a problem, one of our actors was needed by another production group, luckily for us they needed him a 6pm, 3 hours to film all his coverage. I looked through all the scenes we had to film with him in the day time, re-scheduled them and shot all of his coverage first. Luckily for the crew and myself we only had to shoot 1 scene before they had to have him for their shoot.

After the scene is shot we had 2 more scenes to shoot in the daytime. We shot 2 scenes over 2 hours, it took longer than we thought because we had to set out the location with it’s appropriate Mise-en-scene, get the tracks ready and deal with interruptions; stopping production several times.

Getting closer to night myself and Sam Roberts recording Belinda Odawa’s voice over for a scene we shot the day before.

[Watches Star Wars The Force Awakens New Trailer & becomes distracted]

Night time, it’s dark. Perfect for lighting. Negative = the later we shoot the louder our neighbours get. That’s why it took so long to shoot everything.

We are working efficiently and effectively, cutting shots that we don’t need to serve the purpose of getting shots we need to get for the story.

The cast & crew took a break for a few minutes, I wanted to shoot a scene and have it complete before started to shoot again, the scene includes no audio, just visuals. Myself and Zak filmed for 25 minutes to get the scenes coverage. Another scene is completed. Uploading to the hard drive. Every time we finished filming a scene(s), I uploaded the footage to the hard drive so that it is organised at least in their scenes, rather than a lot of footage scattered around one folder at the end of the shoot.

Energy lacking, we all feel the burn of a long day shooting, rest will be our reward. But we push through, no matter how delirious we get.

For all of this half the shot we used 2 cameras to cover the scenes. 1 to have more than one angle. 2 for convenience, getting 2 shots in 1 take gives us more freedom of choice in the edit, which also saves time filming.

The last shot of the day I shot handheld, ideally I wanted to use the tracks but everyone was tired, so I used my shoulder rig and took the shot.

We finished at 2am Friday morning.