Day One (Whitby Residential Short Film) Tuesday 14th April 2015

by weslar

College 10:30am. On the road 11:30am. In Whitby for 2:15pm.

So I’m here with my crew, ready to shoot the moment we land in Whitby, after we become acquainted with the housing and shop for the nourishment from the local Sainsbury’s.

Ext. Boat Yard – Day, we started with a short day of shooting, only shooting a planned total of 5  shots (improvised to over 10). Just filler scenes in the film, recording room (or outdoor) background sound. With Charis Kurpiel on Camera and working with my DP Josh Ward we worked out from the shot list the different shots we could get (not being dedicated to following a storyboard we had more creative freedom).

Liam Cutts filmed behind the scenes footage and also photographed the filming events of the 1 or 2 hours we spent filming; with Ashley Foulstone on Audio & Sam Roberts on Boom. Zak Millscray acting.