March Film Collective

by weslar

Wednesday 18th March – “The Van”

Purple, there is purple everywhere. A bedroom, two dead bodies and an axe maniac. This is a shoot for a friend of mine’s new short film “The Van”.

I was on set as runner, helping out in which ever what Josh (Hague) wanted me to do to assist him, I helped set up the lights, they’re very purple with the filter attached, and remain bodyguard for lights outside of the flat (We had two lights with purple filters attached to them outside facing through the window, made to look as if a massive neon sign glared into the room.)


In March I’ve mostly worked on the short film that I’m working on, as well as new films that I’m in the process of writing. Most of the stuff I’ve done this month that I haven’t written about isn’t worth the text, just for the reason that there wasn’t much to say about what I did.

See you next month!