Voice Over “The seeds that sow the story together.” (OCD and your Brother Short Film) 20th March 2015

by weslar

The final few hours of recording anything for the film, except from foley; I know there’s going to be a lot of foley to be recorded. A lot.

Myself, Tomm Houghton and his friend Ryan Scriven finished the last section of recording in 40 minutes, I schedule time in the ‘Dead room’, from 1pm till 4pm. Just to be safe than sorry.

We read through the lines, tweaked words and how the actors would approach them. After a while Ryan got comfortable in saying his lines, he had trouble with a few lines but it was probably nerves.

Tomm’s lines took a little longer (he had more lines) and he had a cold, every take would be interrupted by his lack of breath and blocked nose, we had a good time laughing at his voice.

Before the two arrived I worked on recording the soundtrack, a few guitar notes and chords and I have a satisfying background score. It took me several tries, most of the time I would hit the wrong note and I know it wouldn’t sound right. Rinse & repeat.