Perfect Crimes “Black Cloud” (Music Video Shoot) 28th February 2015

by weslar

It’s my first time filming a music video so I have no idea to what they day will bring, I know that it will be a long day of shooting, but I’m already used to that.

I’ll ignore all of the little details of dinner time and breakfast, completely useless information that adds length where there needs to be none.


We are filming in a warehouse, that seemed abandoned but in use. Adding to the atmosphere that you would stereotype with a rock band, it looked really good visually. We had a lot of equipment to set up, 3 Lumix GH4’s, 2 tripods, a motorised slider, monopod, 3 sets of Dedo lights (9 lights in total).

The crew consisted of myself, Joe O’Connor and Callum Shepard for the day, we had to think of how to light each take. The idea that the band had is to film them in their circle going around them. This meant using 3 cameras each take (to get as much footage as possible) including the use of the slider & monopod. We managed to film 8 takes full circle around the band, 4 lighting setups which I suggested would be the best way to do so. Each take we’d start rolling, play the music and in my role I took it upon myself to film a specific band member for the entire take (until points of takes where Joe would appear in shots in the background).


There’s a point in the song which they wanted it to transition into dark, we thought of a lot of things to do this. We shot wide with red smoke grenades to separate the effect, making it seamless than sudden. So it goes dark as the smoke rises.




The night time shots we had the lights. This amount of lights.


They surrounded the band and we shot around them again like we did for the daytime shoot.

The final part of shooting, led to a massive amount smoke which looked amazing, fill the shot looking like a masterpiece of colour and cinematography.