February Film Collective

by weslar

Monday 16th February – “The Final Dance” 

I filmed a scene for a short film for a friend o’ mine, she was needing help with camera/lighting in which I partook in. Not just a normal shoot, a storyboarded dance routine, so most of the time it was getting shots of the dancer in performance (improvise most of the shots). Rinse & repeat.

IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0183

If I could say something that I would have improved about the way the shoot was arranged, I would make sure to have a shot-list with the different equipment we would be using in order so we wouldn’t have to put the camera on the tripod, put it on the rig, on the jib and back onto the tripod. So it took longer than it would have done if we shot all the tripod shots first, then rig, then jib.

Wednesday 25th February – “Unhappy Crampers (Working Title)

Camping in the studio. The shoot today was in the College’s TV Studio, in a tent, cramped spaces. All of the crew in front of the tent, the actors in the tent. It was really crowded. IMG_2655

For all of the takes, the actors improvised for 15 minutes, impressively remembering the conversation they had each time. Which is amazing, really amazing.

My role was on camera, lighting & sound. On sound I set up 2 Rode NTG-2 Directional Microphones on mic stands connecting to a Tascam DR-60D, recording Stereo sound. On camera using the Lumix GH4, a very beautifully looking camera. All of the takes where on tripods with slight sway to add a handheld effect to it.

Thursday 26th February – “Love has Consequences”

A late night short film shoot. In a garage, in the cold cold weather. My kind o’ party. Forgetting to bring thermals I froze myself like an ice pop. Anyway away from my misery. I was on sound, dedicated to sound, and only sound. The problem that occurred involved batteries and the lack of. After a few takes the power started to fail. Second lot of batteries lasted all of 20 minutes, time to move on to in camera audio, using the directional microphone to record the rest of the scenes.

I was on the ball from the get go, removing equipment from the bags that they inhabit. Setting up lighting and going through the script.

Friday 27th February – Peter Hallam Documentary (Ice Skater)

Final shoot, or rather test of the month. Instead of a filming day, I helped a friend of mine with setting up his interview shoot for his documentary. We worked around the size of the green screen for clasp that will be playing in the background. Moving to setting guidelines for camera operators so they wouldn’t appear in each others shots. We managed to plan everything in 3 hours, lighting and testing camera shots, positioning of the subject. Testing the JVC 600E was a challenge to use since the manual features became unusable, unresponsive. We’ll move onto to using Sony Nex’s FS100’s & FS700’s. IMG_0371_2 IMG_0375 IMG_0380