Day Two of Principle Photography (OCD and your Brother Short Film) 21st February 2015

by weslar


So we’re here at Bank Street Arts, a nice studio that I booked for us to film in. A lot of today’s filming was pretty basic stuff, set the room, lights and sound. Get the camera in place, direct my actor, work on how he will approach the scene, a few rehearsals. The full deal.

We had from 1pm to 4pm to shoot, only taking an hour less which was great for us all, as well as for me saving money. Win win, but I’ll say one thing it was the most fluid of the filming sessions so far (even though this is the second day of shooting).

The plan was to shoot 2/3’s of a page for a scene, which we filmed. As well as three very short filler scenes, that we didn’t manage to film, but that doesn’t matter. I will just have to schedule a date to film those scenes in. I didn’t mention the hunt for a party hat either, which should have been used in Scene 10, the scene we didn’t film. All through the morning I was searching for just one party hat, one! Thanks to John Lewis for saving my life. Surprising to me is the fact that birthday shops, card shops and convenience stores don;t have them.

Throughout the shoot I finished all the shots I had planned (and there weren’t many). I decided to work around the two segments of dialogue, shooting multiple improvised angles.

We attempted to film the three small scenes with 15 minutes to go, just as we roll for the take, the card read “Card Full’. A perfect amount os space for the stuff we shot.

The most frightening aspect of filming on a new setting was an experience, I was shooting in Cinema DNG (RAW). When I put the SDHD card in my Laptop all I saw were image files. My face dropped. Heart sank. The whole nine yards. But not to fret I realised in the moment that a solution must be met.

That solution… Da Vinci Resolve Lite.