A change in the game (A Single Note changed to OCD and your Brother) 27th January 2015

by weslar

So today is when I learn that my actor can’t film weekdays anymore. That’s okay, I’m pragmatic. I can see what I have to do, and it actually feels like it’s for the better. Not that I didn’t want to film A Single Note, I just think at this stage it needs to have more story, more development. It’s not an 8 minute film, more like a 20 minute short. So now the new idea which I have to think of I’m trying to incorporate some of the elements of A Single Note into it, the OCD and the brother in the film are still present. The stories progression is going to be different.

Originally there were 16 scenes in A Single Note, which would be a massive undertaking. Finding locations and scheduling shooting days. Most of the booked locations were in the Norton College TV Studio for the more surreal scenes. They have to be scrapped.

Strangely enough I don’t feel the pressure, I feel a surge of adrenaline. At this stage time has become irrelevant because I feel like I;m up to the challenge of re-writing and scheduling.