Music and its effect on horror

by weslar

Watching The Woman in Black: Angle of Death gave in interesting take on jumpscares and creepy music but at one point it had me thinking, why does every horror film in moment of dread raise the soundtrack to add emphasis. Not that it’s a bad thing, no of course it isn’t, but if horror is to truly become horrifically scary why not remove the score for added effect.

For example there is a scene in the film where a character is locked in the room presumably in the presence of the Woman in Black, all is well and creepy until the music kicks in. If only the scene was left to its own devices of dread by leaving it to the mise-en-scene and diegetic sounds.

The music in horror films does add to the experience, to the atmosphere. But what if scenes weren’t diluted with music. The reason I say this is that as soon as the music starts to play I feel safe, I know that whatever scare is coming my way isn’t going to be as impactful because I’m supported by constant loud noise.

Just a thought.