Feedback (Factual – 3 Minute Documentary) 24th December 2014 [Blog 10/10]

by weslar

Criticism is gold.

It helps improve, it helps point out something that me as the creator had missed.

On the topic of my documentary, I’ve had positive feedback. Nothing apparent to point out flaw.

My favourite response “Feedback…. It looks sexy.” (Josh Ward). A sure way to win over my heart, A comment that means a lot. I can see the point of view I’ve tried my best to film it as cinematic as possible, I think I have done just that. At least someone agrees.

“I thought that the sound is edited together really good. The in and the outs fit perfectly with what’s on screen. I also like the close-up shots and how the shots fit with what he’s saying. It has a nice pace to it and I really like the intro. Overall I enjoyed the doc.” (Paige Cawthorne). A kind paragraph of specific details that she liked, it played up to the quality of my doc’ that I hoped would come across like it has. The sound mix with the visuals for me was the big pull for the doc’ to be a success. For instance it’s a balance between what the song makes you feel, and the visual is how it can be represented to the audience, something I think Page points out, no matter how brief.

“Very nice camera movements, shots and cuts, it all flows together very well with the music shifting between the interview and the singing. I think it could be improved by adding more locations as he is singing, like a music video.” (Joe O’Connor). Joe points out that to improve would be to show more locations when Anthony is singing. I completely agree, this was my plan from the beginning, I did film a few gigs but when I edited them together in the 3 minutes the audience would’t understand the reason behind random cuts to other locations unless set up in more time. Thanks for the compliments on the shots, editing and music.

“I agree with Josh. Nicely shot and I like the sort of warm colours and pull focuses n stuff l. Good choice of interview snippets as they really showed how passionate he is about his music.” (Charis Kurpiel). Very short but to the point, I definitely can see the enjoyment of the warm colours of the edit and that I’d assume they made Charis feel comfort in that it makes Anthony the kind and warm person that he is just by the colours in the shots.

“I like it dude! love the cafe bit at the start think that works really well, really well edited, the sound quality is spot on, the right mix of speaking and playing music, struggling for find any criticism to be honest.” (Samuel Summers). As have many others said the whole documentary is well shot, edited and sounds great I appreciate all the positive comments and the improvements that could be done.
If I could ask for something to add to feedback would be for comments to include a bit more detail, specific reasons why they liked or disliked something. Something that can help me identify what could be changed/improved and what specifically they like so that I can even improve on that too.