Gig at Victoria Hotel & Inserts or the lack of (Factual – 3 Minute Documentary) 24th November 2014 [Blog 7/10]

by weslar

Gig at Victoria Hotel

A grand venue. A grand entrance. A nice location to shoot a gig. A classy joint. The production value rises. A quick set-up and walk through between myself and Will Foulds talking about the shots I would like him to get. It wasn’t a controlled shooting environment because of the restrictions, telling the artist to play the same song a few more times at a venue isn’t something that I could do, so it was just whatever we shot was what we could get.

Not that I’m complaining, it was pretty cool to get into the building. The set up was to have a camera at the back of the room getting the wide coverage of Anthony, as well as having the Zoom h4n sat on top of it for the audio. Then myself and Will on either side of the room for maximum coverage.

The gig was great, Anthony warned us of a sore throughout, but it didn’t intrude on his performance.

In the end the footage from the back cam was slightly out of focus, maybe someone knocked it I don’t know, but either way the camera stopped recording just before the song I was there to record was played. Talk about bad luck.

Filming inserts or the lack of needing to..

As a measure of security for filming, I filmed some inserts when I took the time to film him in the interview. That I didn’t include in my edit until I new that I had to include anymore shots. Looking through all the footage I recorded I managed to find footage that fit to what Anthony was saying.

The edit was complete without the need to film anymore footage.