Rally Car Driving (Documentary Filming) 22nd November 2014

by weslar

As a helpful human being, and actually this was a pretty cool opportunity anyway.

It’s 4:47am, yes 4:47am in the morning, a very early start but I think that it’s common thing in film making (in any form) that an early start is normal. But I digress, I woke up pretty well. Downstairs breakfast was served, gulped down and off we went. The journey took roughly an hour to get to Blyton park in Gainsborough, not a long journey, just a dark and damp one.

We arrived at Blyton park at around 7am, and the races didn’t start till around 9:30am. In the time during our arrival and the beginning of the races, we planned where each of the camera operators would be around the track. I placed myself on the long stretch which gave me enough camera vision to get the most out of the track.

For hours I tried to get a variety of shots, looking at the cars and tracking them as they go past. Leaving the camera locked on the tripod to shoot a lot of cut aways for my friends doc’ (the one who we’re filming this for). The difficulty of being in the freezing cold did test my limits but, for me the dedication to shoot great footage was enough to keep me going.

For at least 4 hours… maybe 5 or 6. I was at one position of the track, making sure that I had equal amount of coverage of the different shots I was trying to get. The friend in question who I was helping film her documentary was sat in the passenger seat of the car (number 17) wanted us to get shots of her car and any other shots we wanted to get. So every stage that she raced I’d manage to get her coverage and do the same for the other races.

Some photographs from the days events.

IMG_7396 IMG_7428 IMG_7442 IMG_7454

Charlotte and her driver Mark Booth came 24th out of 60+ drivers, not bad ‘eh.