Sheffield Sharks Vs Worcester Wolves (Sheffield Sharks Basketball) 21st November 2014

by weslar

Nail biting stuff, this basketball game. Throughout the game the one thing that was constant was the level of adrenaline that must have been running through the player’s (from both sides) body. The intense focus, the plays. They were all on their game.

This week I took on the back camera, covering the whole of the court, and switch to the left floor camera for the last 2 periods of the game. The first half was standard stuff, track the players from one side to the next and keep the player with the ball in a certain part of the frame. The difference this week was the addition of a fourth camera focusing on the scoreboard. This would be displayed in the top left hand corner of the frame in the edit, so I, like the rest of the camera crew had to keep that in mind.

The second half I was on the left floor camera, now it was my job to zoom and focus in split seconds of each other so the image would look sharp and be framed at the same time. Using new cameras causes new problems/discoveries, some how throughout the latter half of the game the white balanced changed so that the floor looked increasingly more orange. I couldn’t change it in a live game so I stuck to filming mid-shots and close ups, to avoid any obscure colours in frame.

Oh and we did play basketball before the game started, perks of the job I guess.



The Sharks lost by 2 points. 76 – 78. That Close!