Mad Man with a pram (Documentary filming) 5th November 2014

by weslar

John Burkhill the man behind the pram, the courageous devoted man that is an example of the perfect human nature. In contact he’s already friendly and a nice person, with a genuine love for the people he’s raising the money for.

Today is the day I offered my help to a friend of mine who on her own would engage the challenge independently. I didn’t want her to have to carry 2 cameras, tripod, lighting kit, audio equipment. It wouldn’t be right, trust me I know from experience. Entering John’s humble abode we were greeted to a record of his achievements celebrated throughout his home, and what an achievement they are.

So we started to set up the gear, default camera that captured the wide footage and me under and out of the frame. Charis on the creative camera to the right of the frame. She wanted to film the interview with the intention to use cutaways/inserts, than use the footage as the main video.

We filmed 30 minutes of the interview, and travelled to McDonalds for le lunch break.



Dark dark times, the night fell quick. The second segment of shooting became a struggle at times, it was dark, we were tired. It happens. But we took the time to film cut aways relevant to the interview or whatever Charis wanted to include in her documentary.


(not much of a picture but you can see the fireworks)