Filming at Iceland 20th October 2014

by weslar

Head first into recording, set up everything as quick as possible and get ready to go. That was pretty much the day, when you don’t have much time to get all the footage that is required. So the shooting day lasted from 8am till about 6pm so a long day of filming. I was part of the camera crew that set up the cameras and sound, and making sure quality of focus was spot on.


We had 4/5 interviews to film in the day as well as film cut away shots. And right off the bat there were problems with audio. The room we were shooting in had vending machines, that unfortunately couldn’t be switched off, there is a process that can remove background sound, but after listening to the takes after we had finished, it would’t do it any good.

IMG_6690 IMG_6691

So lesson learnt we moved on to the next interview, which in my opinion looked pretty good, but yet again the audio had problems with people walking in and out of the building (not their fault) and air conditioning directly above the interviewee. But we would move on to look for a better location, and make sure that nothing can alter how the audio sounds.


We eventually found a place in the office area of the building which had background sounds of phones ringing, people talking. But that is the general atmosphere of an office so it added to the ambience, without being distracting or to loud to distort the sound.

So we set up around the room for 5 interviews, this included the 2 we already shot in the morning, we had to make do with the room as the only location, so I suggested we shoot them at different parts of the room, with different angles and shot sizes. So we moved them around the room one after the other to get a diverse range of shots in the same room. This took a couple of hours because of the nature of an office, sometimes workers would become louder and move excited as they walked past us filming. The phone would ring at inconvenient times, but like I said before it’s a natural thing to happen in that environment.

IMG_6696 IMG_6698

After every interview, I logged the footage onto the laptop and organised folders to correspond with each camera, and the audio. For example it would be called Interviewee 1 > Camera 1 / Camera 2 / Audio > and then in each folder would have their takes. As well as being synced with use of the clapperboard, so each take was documented so that in the edit they could be synced together perfectly.

For the last part of the day we shot some little cut away shots inside an Iceland shop that is located directly next to the headquarters for Iceland. This didn’t take too long but had to be done before 6pm because the store would close. The race was on.