The Long Day (Factual – 3 Minute Documentary) 11th October 2014 [Blog: 5/10]

by weslar

Okay so here I go, individually shooting an interview with a 3 camera set-up. Sounds like nightmare to process all camera angles, record sound and have a routine to follow so that nothing can EVER be out of sync. But everything goes according to plan.

So I get to Anthony’s house for 11am and get the lay of the land, to try and set-up in the best location possible. That looks good on camera and is comfortable to be filming for an hour or two. That Was the case. I recorded for 1 hour and 20+ minutes.


The set up was 3 points of coverage, from the left which I set up as a Mid-shot / Close up, in the middle the wide shot (saviour shot) / and on the right another Close up.



Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.16.56

With the microphone, I had that set-up on the floor looking up and a Lavalier Mic recording into my phone. Lucky for me that saved 1 hour and 20+ minutes of recording…

I set up everything as perfect as I could, having the cameras in focus and where I wanted them. The mic’s in place and everything looking great. The only problem is that I forgot to change the input on the Zoom h4n audio recording device, so instead of recording through the directional mic, it recorded using the onboard mic. Not a big deal because the sound was okay, but fantastic through the Lavalier mic.

…life saved.

The process throughout was to record one straight track of audio (on both devices). I did this so that I could have something the videos could sync up to, so I could do a multi-cam edit for the interview, or at least have the choice to do that. Every 10 minutes using the DSLR’S, the recording stops automatically, knowing this I planned accordingly. I had the information on the camera screen to keep track of when I should stop and restart recording.

Every 10 minutes I’d mark up the clapper board with a new take and aim it at the cameras so I could add that to the description of each new clip, so I know what clip belongs to which take.


We’d be talking about things that relate to him and his music, career and aspirations. But I wanted to just talk, be in a more relaxed atmosphere, so nothing’s really thought out in questions and answers. It was more about lucky discoveries in conversation. Moments that aren’t planned but that are a welcome accident.

Through all the stuff we talked about, I had planned in my head, some inserts that I want to film, to back up the words as a visual representation. To make the edit more interesting than just hearing something, you get to see it.

Dinner time [INSERT HERE]

Back from dinner, Anthony suggested filming something in his music room. So I took gear up one by one, and kept walking back and forth to get more gear that I wasn’t sure I’d need, but that I eventually found out that I did. He wanted to play 3 songs and pretty much he did just that.

I used different set-ups so that I could get as much as possible to make it look interesting with multiple angles. So I had 1 camera covering his face (Pocket Cinema Camera), a GoPro that went from being attached to the Tri-pod, to a take on the guitar. I had a third camera that I used for creative shots. And did many takes moving the cameras around to get as much diversity as possible.



I did all of this for three songs, some takes I’d have the same style of set-up, but others I would get the chorus and verses’ recorded in increments to just add in the edit.

Another break [INSERT HERE]

Final inserts time, I recorded some little clips of things relating to what we talked about in the interview. Some just were recorded because it looked good (Yes they really did). There was a standout shot, I used a 50mm lens on my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera and changed the Aperture to F/2.4 shooting across the keys on a keyboard.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.42.10Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.42.23