More Pre-production (Factual – 3 Minute Documentary) 4th October 2014 [Blog: 4/10]

by weslar

Yet another session of pre-production planning, and I’m starting to get a clear view of the documentary as a whole. I took some time in figuring out what I wanted to film specifically for the documentary, managing to set it out in timeline form, using Photoshop.

With my timeline planned I wrote my schedule for filming, listing all the locations and what I’d be covering in them. The perfect moment of clear thinking gave me my window to writing what I need to write, usually it takes a bit of time to think of what to write, but it came clear and off I went.

In the schedule I have everything I need to have the best chance of planning the locations, what shots I want and how it could possible look in editing, all before filming anything (except from the stuff I filmed a few weeks ago).