Sheffield Sharks Vs Durham Wildcats (Sheffield Sharks Basketball) 26th September 2014

by weslar

The season begins again, and with a triumph! Sheffield Sharks return to the 20th season and with an almighty win! But that’s beside the point, myself and the crew are back to film the team’s season.

I’ll mention that prior to the game we all had a long day with a very early start, not to get into detail we took part in listening to a presentation given by Doug Richard’s business man and entrepreneur. Straight after we had to get to EIS to start setting up the equipment and testing it. This was from 2pm – 2:30pm when we arrived there. The game starts at 7:30pm.

As mentioned we are returning to the season as film crew, and we all dressed accordingly. We were not coming as students filming the local basketball team, we came as an official film crew dressed accordingly, to make us look more professional. To fit the profile of the job we were going to do.

Like all games I have been apart of the film crew, I have picked up on how certain pieces of equipment work, where to plug things in, and how to efficiently tidy up cables. To decrease the health risks.

Because we are filming this for Sheffield Live TV as well as the Sharks, we had a presenter who would be used to increase the production value and add some continuity with reminders of the game, who the Sharks were playing and so on.

Throughout the game (on camera 3) it took a few minutes to get back into the momentum of the game when it comes to filming. Getting into the groove of not just zooming in or out following the players, we all tried filming on manual. We have new cameras which the autofocus took too much time to find the focus point, which meant the choice of having delayed focus, or using manual and having to be on point 100% of the time. We chose option two. It didn’t take long too get used to, the zoom and focus wheel are nicely positioned where my thumb and index finger could control the zoom. My middle finger could control the focus, working this way took a few minutes to get the flow right, but after that it was fairly simple. At least speaking for myself it was.

The pace, as per any basketball game is never slow. The quick pan to find the next player with the ball was a measure of anticipation and a bit of luck. But mostly perfect accuracy, which let me tell you was difficult to pick up, but incredibly rewarding each time the shot was perfected.

The game ended with a nice lead for the Sharks in their first game of the season. Winning 83 – 70 against the Durham Wildcats, not to say the competition made it easy, because they didn’t, they were fighters and gave everything they could.

Being the first game back filming, it is nice to feel as though I was going back into something that I didn’t need to rediscover because of all the practice has stayed with me.

As per usual the pack down was a full team effort just like setting up the equipment. We all took down our cameras, took up the wiring and had to double, triple check everything is back where it belongs. Then it was home time!

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