Proposal (Factual – 3 Minute Documentary) 15th September 2014 [Blog: 2/10]

by weslar

Today I started to work on the proposal for my 3 minute documentary in which I covered research that I have done for the project. An introduction to the project for example the name of the production company, the working title of the documentary, deadline and team members with their numbers.

Then I completed the statement of intent which covered why the production is about and why it’s being made. I mentioned that the documentary covers a musician and why I am making this video.

The target audience followed and for that I talked about my specific target audience for the documentary. The target audience didn’t become a judgment of age or gender. It is about relating to the main focus of the documentary ‘Dreams and aspirations’.

I wrote a synopsis for the documentary covering all the different sections that the documentary will be separated into. Beginning of the video is the day to day life, to current aspirations, to what his focus is when making music.

Next was the treatment. This was to identify what types of media I would need for example Computer generated footage or stock footage. The entirety is going to be original material recorded. The rest of the treatment is about the look and style of the video and how the shots will look.

The final points are about logistics from crew/equipment requirements, production schedule and time constraints. For equipment/crew I listed what I would need and how many people I would need to operate this equipment.