Initial idea stage (Factual – 3 Minute Documentary) 12th September 2014 [Blog: 1/10]

by weslar

Today I started to plan out the documentary which would be subtitled “My Life”. It will revolve around a specific person that I find interesting and see if I can make a 3 minute documentary about a person in the most creative and unique way possible.

The first thing I did was to list the different aspects that I rethink I should note down so that I can plan out how the documentary will look and flow like. The first on the list is ‘What I’m covering?’ this would be what types of footage that I will film for the documentary. For example I am making mine about a musician named “Anthony Smith” I will record footage of him playing music, recording, interviews etc.

The next is ‘How it’s going to be made?’. What camera gear I would need, sound, lighting and how many people or who I might need to help me with the production.

The third point I made was ‘What is in the documentary?’. This being what type of arc is it going to take, which in this case it will focus on why he makes music and what he gets out of playing music.

Finally there is ‘Style’. This was something when I was planning which had me thinking form two perspectives. The first in the edit is usually where a style (for me) would be set, but in thinking that I would need to film a certain way. I would need to plan how it will look before the editing stage. In the 3 minutes I have I think to keep the content fresh and moving I will shoot it so that it doesn’t stay on one section for too long, it will be giving a perspective of “Anthony” that isn’t just here he is, with long sections of shots. It will try to inform and entertain without staying in one place, and I will have it having a diverse range of elements that are included.