Final day of shooting (Pride & Pensioners) 17th August 2014

by weslar

Today is the day, the last day of shooting. Time is all we have and we must use it and finish EVERYTHING so that we can have a successful wrap.

SO in the club, setting up the gear. Looking at storyboards and running through scenes as fast and as effective as possible. The day consisted of set-ups in one area – completely finishing each area at a time, and moving around.

Every one is focused (just like on the other shoots, but more so this time around). We get through the shoots without many problems, at one point there would be points where I would need to swap tripods to perform a particular camera move so that took (only a few seconds of) time to do. Apart from that, it went fine.

Getting through each scene, we would finish actors’ takes and be done with them (that sounds harsh putting it like that), I guess what I meant was that they had their scenes complete and were no longer needed. better.

The knowledge that this was the last day, AND that we had to finish everything then and there, added to the pressure, but for the most part was forgotten about because we were all so concentrated on getting this episode shot, and complete.

Roughly at 8:30pm is when we finished shooting the last shot if the leads and called a wrap.